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No More Stress - Massage and Harmonization

Although something Intuitive in the human beings is and by many years it was practiced by the old civilizations, has been catalogued as a " cult " without no scientific base, but with the sprouting of the alternative medicine returned by its furors.

Today the Masoterapia " therapeutic Massage " and tt or " touches therapeutic " or " to imposition of hands or polarity: " With the purpose of balancing tension and energies " it is the key piece that helps us to escape of the terrible claws of stress: serving to us in the prevention, lightening and treatment of stress and some diseases.

Orient and the West:

The general tendency of these times aims towards the incorporation of different methods to obtain a personal style, that some prefer to call eclectic or holistic . It is necessary to consider that Occidentals and Orientals handle different concepts on the massage:

- In the first place, in the West its physical structure is destined to obtain the balance of the body working, trying that the muscles, column, pelvis, legs and feet are aligned correctly, correcting of this form the position to guarantee one better breathing, circulation, and digestion.

This technique reeducate to the body locating painful zones produced by emotions and bad habits of movement.

- On the contrary, the Eastern technique sight towards the interior, because it tries to restitute the free flow of the energy by all the body, connecting the intimate world with the outside.

Also this type of massage looks for the balance, of opposite or complementary energies ( called by Chinese yin and yang)

From the union of both principles " Western and Eastern " is an integral massage much more, that stops some experts " contributes to similar benefits " between which it is: the pleasure of the relaxation, the lightening of the pain, increase of the Blood circulation  and the increase of red globules among other benefits.

Massage: The word massage comes from the Arab " mass " that means to touch. Clear that due to those amazing turns that give the languages, if you are going until Arabia to occur to a massage (and the desire of all heart the word that must use is " tadleek "

In old Egypt, the priests - magicians used the massage to attract cosmic inspiration when they dedicated themselves to occultist and mathematical studies.

In Greece it was a true branch of the medicine. In Rome he raised of category: of gladiators and athletes he happened to emperors and since then he was considered " aristocratic.... "

Until now it is that the massage this within reach of everybody. Also the Physical Medicine (that rehabilitates motor traumas uses in several countries to the massage like method of recovery of certain patients.

History: The old civilizations dedicated hours to the care of the body. By means of complicated programs of exercises they fortified it, while certain particularly tense muscles rubbed with hot vegetal oils of pleasant aromas; beginning which today it is known like Aromatherapy, the experience progressed until including complete corporal massage, with the purpose of stimulating the nerves and the circulation, and releasing the action of

joints. With the passage of the years this ritual was reduced until becoming the typical shower of five minutes before leaving to work or when arriving.

For that reason, every time the amount of people is greater who fall in the feared claws of stress, and the pains stomach, back, shoulders, neck, head and others are at your service of the day.

" tt ": It touches Therapeutic, Imposition of Hands, Polarity:

These Practices of healing are based on directing or modulating, with therapeutic aims certain energies " prana " to power centers of nonphysical character that activate the physical body.

At the present time its education has solicited in but of eighty universities and university schools of the United States, it is important to remember here that " tt " already used Egyptian and the Israelis during the combats in the Gaza Strip; that white and black they have made use of his techniques in South Africa; and that development in the old Soviet Union and Poland.

By many years the subtle art of the Masoterapia and " tt " were considered like a farce. I get myself to catalogue as a " devoid cult " of all scientific base and the medicine schools adopted this point of view. With the passage of time, and coverall with the Boom of the call Alternative Medicine, the Massage and the Unfreezing Power again retakes in their true meaning and therapeutic value.

The Massages\ Therapeutics or Masoterapeutas, also denominated Holistic Therapists have become the key piece that help us to escape of stress and its professional work has been suggested like a therapy co assistant as much for this, as before and after some medical treatments.

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