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Back pain / Lumbago

And s a very frequent condition that attacks people between 30 and 55 years of age. It generally appears without no previous traumatism and it is not a disease but a symptom that this gives notice to us that to something not working well.

In these cases the medicines single offer temporary lightening and the malaise returns to appear.

And l pain can affect the zones inervadas by the sciatic nerve, for that reason from the low part of the back it is radiated towards the leg, and being able to produce in serious cases: creeps, lost of sensitivity and adormecimiento. Also the malaise can be excerbar when inclining the body or trying to gather or to raise something of the ground.

In these cases like in mayoria of the medical problems, while no conoscamos the lawsuit, we will not be able to solve the problem.


Or na time that evaluate to the patient and discards the lumbago / backache, by traumatisms, severe deviations of the column or hernia discal, that the functional alternatives of the column like the lawsuit commonest of the pain give, we will be with other factors that produce alterations.

Generally these alterations must to the loss of tone and force of muscles and the intervertebrales ligaments, which they are those that maintains the aligned vertebrae affluent and separated by a sufficiently ample space like letting leave the roots of the nerves that emerge from the spinal marrow towards the legs, hips, etc.

It is important to emphasize that the column is maintained by these muscles and that the sciatica backaches / take place more by faults of which by problems of the same vertebrae.

The osteoporosis, which many attribute the backaches, is not very often the lawsuit.

All the factors that debilitate the intervertebrales muscles and ligaments favor the backaches. One of them is the lack of exercise. An exaggerated sedentarismo atrophies these muscles, reason why the vertebrae lose the support, turn aside and descend one on another one, pressing the nervous roots that emerge from the column. This occasioned severe pains as the case the sciatica, that it gets to be so strong that it is only bearable when has lain down, in rest.

Nevertheless, of all the factors that debilitate muscles most important it is the nutrition.

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