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ABC the Nutrition and Exercise
A- To We are what we eat

while better we feed ourselves, we will be able to remove more benefit to the exercise, to the work, the study and will be able to render better in all the activities of the day. An error very common in that the people incur when they initiate a plan of diet and/or training training to lower weight and to burn fat, is that

they omit meals and even they get to make a single daily food. This is not for anything recommendable, since, when diminishing drastically the protein food consumption mainly, in the early morning hours, when the institution turns proteins energy our body tends to burn the smaller number of calories possible to avoid to remain without calories sufficient to fulfill its main functions. A protein undernourishment not only diminishes regeneration and the tone of intervertebral muscles or at general level (To see: Backache / lumbago forcing to the institution to the use of muscular proteins like fuel source, destroying eagerly the muscular mass, in addition can bring like nausea consequences, sudden fever, perspiration, hypoglycemia (low of sugar and even the death.

The early morning sugar losses also induce the institution to appeal to the muscular mass. If our breakfast contains abundant proteins (yogurt, ricota, cheese, milk, tuna, turkey, etc.) these progressively are turned glucose throughout the morning, not happening low of sugar. However, the prolonged repetition of a little protein breakfast that single contains (cakes, juice, cereals and fruits producer successive sugar losses and the significant destruction of the muscular mass.

It benefits the Exercise in Balancing and Corporal: Grease

He maintains a free muscular mass of fat.

Reduction of the abdominal fat and the zone sup of the body.

Se increases the speed and destabilization of fats.

Reduction of mortality in obese people.

B-  suitable Balance:

First of all it must be conscious that to have a Healthful Body, Tonified and Harmonies it requires of a discipline to which must is accustomed and that comprised of  character, where it could be reducing little by little, and to obtain it is indispensable a nutritional regimen / or exercises from now on, if it is only exercised perhaps never obtains its objective.

It is very important that it does not let eat, is more, increases the number of daily meals in few amounts, since this stimulates institution a to burn calories, this does not mean that it is going to eat in abundant amounts nor foods with high caloric or greasy content.

Try to reduce a little carbohydrates

(sugars and starches mainly at night, it is more, if it has supper early better. Ingest much water, before the food and throughout the day. This will inhibit a little the action of the gastric juice. Products with vitamins, minerals and other elements exist in the market that will help him to metabolize better the fat.

It is not killed of hunger! To lower express of weight, has like consequence that when leaving the diet, you will raise a speed that will not believe, even waits for additional grams.

Here I let to consideration a proposal to follow in the meals:

55 % of Carbohydrates (Popes, rice, integral paste and cereals),

25 % of Proteins (chicken, turkey, fish and something of red meats),

15 % of Fats (distributed in 3 important and light meals).

Nutritional consideration propose to follow after the Exercise:

He is recommendable after the session of exercises to consume carbohydrates, since it increases the production of glycogen until in a 50%, this will become important aid and growth of the muscle. It is recommended to consume of 2 to 4 calories by klg of weight. For example if 100 weights klg, you will have to consume from 200 to 400 klg of originating calories of carbohydrates ( approx, 50 to 100 gr. of food

C- appear some examples to you of the functions of the different nutrients Here that are in the meals and symptoms in case of deficiency.

Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates and fatty acids. All of them are essential for the growth, protect to us of diseases, they contribute the energy necessary to carry out the daily tasks and are vital for the operation of the brain and a healthful skin.

Vitamin To ___________

Function It maintains the skin, eyes, gastrointestinal and urinary zones, the bones, the teeth, and the hair.

Sources: All the yellow vegetables and the green ones, the oils of the liver of fish and cheese.

Symptoms The deficiency causes acne, the dry dandruff, eyes and ulcers in the mouth.

Complex of vitamin B ___________

Function Vital to our nerves and central nervous system. A great one to diminish stress.

Sources: Integral bread and cereals, vegetables, meat, eggs, cheese and yogurt.

Symptoms: The deficiency causes depression, irritability, insomnia, fatigue and anemia.

Vitamin C ___________

Function: It maintains the cells of body united, cures wounded and aid to the immune system.

Sources: Citric, vegetal fruits green, apples, tomatoes and potatoes.

Symptoms: The deficiency lowers the defenses and it leaves vulnerable infections.

Vitamin D ___________

Function: Necessary for the bones and the teeth.

Sources: Sun, milk, eggs, liver, the oils of the liver of fish and the fish.

Symptoms: The deficiency causes to raquitismo and legs bent in the fragile children, bones, weak muscles and osteoporosis.

Vitamin And ___________

Function: Good for the heart and the arteries.

Sources: Integral bread and cereals, oils of the sunflower and Soya, peanuts and almonds.

Symptoms: The deficiency causes cataracts, wrinkles, weakness of the muscle and infertility.

Vitamin K ___________

Function: essential for the bones and the coagulation of the blood

Sources: Green vegetables, green tea, tomatoes and alfalfa.

Symptoms: The deficiency causes to osteoporosis and difficulty for the coagulation of the blood.

Calcium ___________

Function: Essential for the bones and the teeth. Sources: Green milk, cheese, vegetables, peas and lentils.

Symptoms: The deficiency causes to Cramps in muscles and osteoporosis.

Potassium ___________

Function: Essential for the heart, muscles and nervous system.

Sources: Fresh, vegetal and grain fruits.

Symptoms: The deficiency causes muscular fatigue, little appetite, cramps and depression.

Essential Fatty acids ___________

Function: Vital for all the cells, including brain and nerves.

Sources: Butter, the oils, milk, fish, cereals.

Symptoms: In excess it causes on weight.

Amino acids ___________

Function: Essential for the formation of proteins, they affect everything from brain to the nails of the feet.

Sources: Green milk, meat, vegetables peas.

Symptoms: The deficiency or lack of vitamins and minerals will happen first that the one of the amino acids

Carbohydrates ___________

Function: Vital for the energy and the function of the brain.

Sources: fruits, rice, flour, honey and sugar.

Symptoms: The deficiency causes lethargy, difficulty to concentrate itself.

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