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Service in Study or Address

Between people worldwide doing courses and factories referring to different techniques from the Massage has been put fashionable, or like labor alternative or simply to make interchanging it between friends after of a day of Work, Sport or simply as distention and rest.

Massage between friends? Effective!

  Many say that in this case the person relaxes with greater facility because the confidence is already created that must exist between    both. Thus the one that gives the massage benefits so much as the one that receives it.

On the other hand between friends the papers interchange and therefore the economic problem does not exist.

In addition different systems can be interchanged:

The Hindu: Yoga is part of the culture and it practices almost always combined with exercises and steam baths.

The objective is to distended itself, to be centered, to relax.


The Esalen method: It is essentially as Swedish or the Therapeutic one and can be combined with " tt ", having Like common message: " It maintains his hands in Communication with each tissue, organ, each cell has certain individuality that does able " to hear " what their hands " say ". Order to healthier, strong, more beautiful tissues to be.

This " conversation " with the body of its friend is very important.

Finally the Massage between Partner can contribute in the approach and expression without words, being able to get to be very affective and erotic, and for many of the philosophers and psychologists, the eroticism produced by this means can be very recommendable " To express itself " Alleviating tensions.

George Downing a fanatical writer of the massage, says: " the massaged one relaxes, the masseuse stimulates.... Soon the papers change..... when the sexual excitation appears, does not have to be repressed because it is excellent and maximum mass media in benefits ".

It Would like To receive the Benefits of a Erotic Massage?

Then I recommend to Him just like Mr.: Downing:   Do it your Partner!


Customized Factory: Each section is of 2 Hour of duration.

With a cost in Promotion of (callme) ) in Address and It consists of general Massage and of Power Balance. " Theorist - practice "

Being considered of 4 to 6 sections so that it can have the tools necessary to contribute to him to well-being to its Partner or friendships.

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