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Indications and Contraindications

The Therapy Anti stress Combines diverse techniques, some comings of East and others systematized in the West, obtaining this practice to relax the musculature contracted by the daily tensions, preventing the diseases that these generate, making agile and reactivating the general functions of the institution.

Frequent Dolores of head, Back, Lumbagos that do not yield and sleeplessness that already are made Custom can be alleviated by means of regulating pressure and friction of expert hands on specific zones of the body. Not to mention other evils greater and smaller (like digestive problems, inflammation of members and chronics fatigue) caused by the Stress that oppresses contemporaneous urbane atmospheres, since " a person constantly is exposed to situations that generate emotional tensions to him. Like defense mechanism, the muscles of the body are jammed, contracted and hardened, producing rigidities that at the same time affect nervous completions and organs, that soon can generate certain annoyances and pathologies "


The intuitive massage is something so habitual and in the human being who when we felt some pain or when we struck ourselves, automatically sobamos us until we found some lightening.

The Massage and the Unfreezing Power activate the appropriate mechanisms of the auto healing that arise that " Being " intuitive who all we have inside helps to alleviate us and to recover to us of our own annoyances. With time, on this art studies have become, schools have been created and different techniques from manipulation have been canalized, and it even comprises in which at the moment it is the new-old Therapy of Psicoinmunologia.

As we know it today, the massage is a noble therapy executed by the hands, that guided by movements of diverse Hindu to him, as the application of pressure fixes or moving body, the subjection and movement of parts of the body, it looks for to manipulate soft tissues to stimulate the tendency of the body to the Auto Healing.

The Massage is one of the average physicists who can extend at subtler power levels, being able to combine with other treatments or vibration alternative therapies that act to depth as they are it: " tt " Colorterapy, Aromatherapy, Essences Floral and Gemoterapy among others, offering the support in in the recovery of the harmony and the balance of the internal and external conscience of our sensations, thoughts and emotions, balance of the internal and external conscience of our sensations, thoughts and emotions us, being the behavior from our physical actions for a better evolutionary trial.

    Since it mobilizes and it harmonizes tensions or blockades crystallized in the subtle physicist and, contributing to  redistribute and to restitute the corporal, mental and emotional energy that has been blocked by persistent, internal negative influences or of the medio ambiente which limit and are registered in our power body " Dawn - Aura "  causing to tension or power imbalance in symptoms that affect the body and the personality; Such as Stress: muscular tension, exhaustion, obesity, desmotivation, depression, etc.

Indications and Contraindications:

They are ideal at any moment, but more they are indicated when there is muscular contraction, insomnia, constipation, backache, shoulders, neck and head, slowness problems, it tires and lack of mental concentration, desmotivation or exhaustion, depression and distresses.

On the other hand this the contraindicated the Massage, not Unfreezing power in the cases of fevers high, problems of thrombosis, hypertension, fractures, ulcers, infections and hurt.

The therapy has of hacerce in a calm atmosphere, preferably to average light, with pleasant instrumental music and some aroma like lavender, jasmine or mint, so that the person can distension itself and releases all her preoccupations.

Many specialists agree in which a therapy or massage badly applied can become ill to anyone. And the people who venture themselves without having a technical formation to do a work disordered on the body without a harmony of movement and logical sequence, often are evils causes that we want to avoid. If after these therapies salts of the bad humor, rendered null and void and with great displeasure, definitively it failed, because the aim of them is to obtain that automatically the musculature relaxes, the circulatory system activates and flows of one better way.

In the psychological aspect the person must feel centered, wakes up renewed, distended feeling a general well-being, as if she had waked up of a comfortable and repairing siesta, with new desire to live the life with much joy and hope.

Single the Hands: Mainly, Because we must retake the human calidez that as much we needed. At the moment it is spoken much of the hunger of the skin, and when it is spoken of this subject it refers the necessity to be burnt, touched " with Respect and Love " At the time of contacting a Therapist, the quality of the touch is very important. That that makes it must take a noble intention To surround with its hands the person who is going to receive the therapy and to give the energy him that needs. Accustom non single spiritual physicist but.

Energies To heal:

In addition to the treatment, the person who needs To heal some condition, can also need some sanitary reeducation or a simple advice. If the Therapist lacks sufficient preparation for dárselos, is recommendable to send it or to go to a competent professional, since she is of great importance of discovering the underlying emotional aspects in a disease, like releasing to the patient of the physical symptoms.

What the healing therapist does, to serve as support in the healing of another person is, of some way, to interpose its own healed or patient power field between and the condition of disease. But from another point of view, it could also say that the action of the healing consists of appealing sensibly to the universal energies that constitute the drop curtain of fund of all unfolding and vital development of the health

In whose healing and healed globalidad they are forms that share a unitary nature the power Fields are immaterial, but nevertheless we have physical access to them.

In order to know but: To cure this in your hands.

Dolores Krieger. Editorial: Martinez Rock.

- Hágase the Light - Hands that cure.

Barbara Ann Brennan. Editorial: Martinez Rock.

Any age:

In order to take care of our body there is no age. The effective intention is what counts. From new born to a person of 100 years it can benefit them and enjoy muchisimo. To the mothers it is recommended to them that they masajeen to his babies from early ages. When sobar of smooth way with vegetal oil preferably, in the abdominal region in the sense of the needles the clock, them aid to regulate the intestinal work and to stimulate red globules, avoiding the anemia. When they cry is preferably placed mouth to them down, on the chest of the mother, and soba all his Body Litle, occurring to them hasi, much security, calm, love and positive energy.

The Massages and the Unfreezing Power, are an alternative to confront the life of better way.

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